Effect of Non-Performing Investment on Islamic Banks performance: An empirical study on Islamic Banks in Bangladesh.

  • Shafir Zaman Department of Finance University of Chittagong Bangladesh
  • Md Mohiuddin Chowdhury Department of Finance University of Chittagong Bangladesh


Non-performing investment are the amounts that can not be collected by organization from clients. In Bangladesh banking sector is facing severe consequences from lack of collection of non- performing loan(non performing investment for Islamic banks).Emphasizing the significance of the subject the study is undertaken  to find out how non performing investment  effect performance of Islamic banks in Bangladesh  for five year period from 2012 to 2016.Statistical tests such as (descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analysis) are performed to find out  the effect non performing investment  have on the overall performance of Islamic banks. Correlation analysis opine negative association of non performing investment with bank performance, bank size  and capital adequacy ratio. On the other hand, regression analysis did not found any significant effect  of non performing investment with bank performance.


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