Author Guidelines

1.    The manuscript is a summary of research results.
2.    The manuscript has not been published / published.
3.    The manuscript is written with MS word program, 1.5 spaces on quarto paper, Times New Roman font, 5000-7000 words.
4.    The manuscript can be written in Indonesian and English with essay format with title in each section of the article, except the preliminary section presented without section title. The title of the article is printed in capital letters in the middle, with a letter of 14 points. The section title rating is expressed by different font types (all section headings and sub-sections are bold or italic), and do not use numbers / numbers in section headings
5.    Systematic article of research results are: title; Author's name (without an academic degree); Abstract (maximum 100 words); The objectives, methods, and research results; keywords; Introduction (without title) containing background, bit of literature review, and research objectives; method; results and Discussion; conclusions and recommendations; Referral list (contains only referenced sources)
6.    Referral sources are as much as possible libraries of the last 10 years. Preferred references are primary sources of research reports (including thesis, thesis, dissertation) or research articles in journals and / or scientific magazines.
7.    The manuscript can be sent directly to the editorial address or via email:
8.    Referral or citation using the middle note system .
9.    The list of libraries is arranged alphabetically and chronologically.