Pemahaman Ormas Islam Tentang Wakaf Uang (Studi di Kabupaten Batang)

  • Mubarok * Jurusan Syariah dan Ekonomi STAIN Pekalongan


This present study is aimed at explaining the understanding of Islamicmass organizations of cash waqf (endowment) as well as the factorsthat affect those mass organizations’ understanding of cash waqf. Theresearch respondents were Islamic mass organizations in Batangregency, Central Java. The findings expose that the mass Islamicorganizations did not have the same understanding of cash waqf.Their understanding was not in line with the Law Number 41 of 2004on Waqf and Fatwa of Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) concerningcash waqf. There were four factors influenced the understanding of theIslamic mass organizations of cash waqf, namely: social andeconomics, socialization, institution, and term factors.
Keywords: Understanding of Islamic Mass Organizations, Cash Waqf, Law Number 41 of 2004.
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*, Mubarok. Pemahaman Ormas Islam Tentang Wakaf Uang (Studi di Kabupaten Batang). JURNAL HUKUM ISLAM, [S.l.], p. 353-372, june 2018. ISSN 2502-7719. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 25 mar. 2019. doi:


wakaf produktif; pengembangan wakaf; yayasan muslimin Pekalongan

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