Kontrak Kerja Pada PT. Primatexco Indonesia Batang dalam Perspektif Hukum Ekonomi Syariah

  • jumailah # IAIN Pekalongan


This present study aims to explain the perspectives of sharia economiclaw on the contract of employment at PT Primatexco Indonesia,Batang. The Law Number 13 of 2003 on Manpower constitutes theprotection of labor that is intended to guarantee the basic rights ofworkers/labor. The emergence of the Law is expected to be able torealize the welfare of workers/labor as well as their families bypaying great attention to the development and growth of business. Itwas field research by employing a qualitative study design, and thesetting was at PT. Primatexco Indonesia, Batang. The researchfindings promote that even though there has been the Law concerningManpower, this law has not run in accordance with the stipulatedrules. It illustrates that the content of the Law has not accommodatedthe stipulation of the existing Law yet, and even the content issometimes unclear, which is stated in the Article 54 of the Law onManpower. The fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) scholars agree that acontract possesses the force of law caused by syara’ (Islamic law),instead of the actions performed by the two parties make the contract.Likewise, the actions play a role as a cause for the effect of thecontract. It suggests that no one is not able to do arbitrarily in terms ofthe requirements they provide in the contract of employment so thatall people’s actions are based on the law of Allah.
Keywords: Contract of Employment, Law Number 13 of 2003, Sharia Economic Law.
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