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Author Guidelines


  1. The manuscript written for MUWAZAH journal is a scientific work with a gender perspective in various disciplines;
  2. The article has not been published in other media and does not contain element of plagiarism;
  3. Script can use Indonesian or English;
  4. The manuscript is typed in Garamond, 12 pts, with 1.5 spacing, margin size: top 4 cm, left 3.5 cm, bottom 3 cm, and right 2.5 cm, on A4 paper as much as 5,000-7,000 words;
  5. The author's name is included without an academic degree and placed under the article title;
  6. The author must include the name of the institution and e-mail placed under the author’s name;
  7. Arabic romanization written in the Latin script uses the transliteration guideline provided as follows;
  8. In detail the rules and writing templates are as follows (click here):
    1. Title : written in capitalize each word, a maximum of 15 words
    2. Author's name : written without a degree, accompanied by institutional affiliation with full address and e-mail address
    3. Abstract : written in English and Indonesian between 150-250 words
    4. Keywords : written in English and Indonesian between 3-5 words
    5. INTRODUCTION: contains an argument for the importance of the study, starts with research problem, distinction of the relevant research, methods, research purposes, and thesis arguments that make the research interesting to do
    6. DISCUSSION: contains the presentation of data, presents arguments, and compares with previous theories or studies to reinforce the arguments compiled in the article. This section consists of the main discussion and sub-discussion. Reference uses middle note/ body note, for example: Bourdieu (2010: 34)
    7. CONCLUSION: contains a summary of a description or systematic answer of the problem
    8. BIBLIOGRAPHY: arranged alphabetically using American Psychological Association (APA Style)