Al Ittijahat Al Munharifah Fi At Tafsir Li Badli Ashab Al Madzahib Al Nahwiyyah Wa Badl Man Yajhaluna Qawaid Al Lughah Al Arabiyyah Fi Nadhar Muhammad Husain Al Dzahabiy

  • Misbakhudin Misbakhudin IAIN Pekalongan
Keywords: Qur’anic Exegesis, Arabic Grammer, al-Dzahabi


One of the most precious achievement in qur’anic studies was the book of Al-Ittijâhât al-Munharifah fî al-Tafsîr: Dawâfi’uha wa Daf’uha written by A great Islamic scholar, Muhammad Husein al-Dzahabî. He was succeeded in discussing several issues of corruptions of the exegesis of the holy Qur’an. This article is aimed to explain and to describe his analysis toward several corrupted linguist interpretations in their originations and such corrupted linguistic interpretations of the holy Qur’an which are ignoring Arabic structures and grammers


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